Our Mission & Passion

Meet our Founder of Dollar for Doxies Inc.


Meet our Founder Omar Beltran. Hear  our Mission and Passion. Find out how to contact and receive financial help. Please watch the short video about our orginaization. 



We are very tight knit group of Dachshund owners. The Compassion and Love  we have for our Dachshunds is just amazing. 

We financially help Doxie owners far or near. There are a lot people out here willing to  donate $1 or $2 to help out other owners in difficult financial situations. 

Raising Money for Veterinarian Bills

Donating thru our paypal for Dollar for Doxies Inc. your are giving us permission to help the dachshund in need and any leftover funds will be used for the next dog in need.

Our daily & monthly donations keep us financially able to help Dachshund owners with their vet bills. 

We are a non-profit 501 (c) 3 

Every dollar adds up. #dachshundfamilystrong