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Dollar for Doxies Inc

Founder of Dollar for Doxies Inc.



Founder Omar Beltran. Hear  our Mission and Passion. Find out how to contact and receive financial help. Please watch the short video about our orginaization.

Dachshund Lovers


The Dachshund Community is very unique, passionate & loving community.

We come together financially to help Dachshunds owners. There are a lot Dog owners out here willing to donate $1 or $2 to help out other owners in difficult financial situations.  

Our Organization does not disperse funds to Dachshunds Breeders Or for IVDD Surgeries. Our Funds are dispersed case by case when Emergencies Situations Arise or funds used where needed most. Please read on the financial & contact page for assistance.

Our Mission is Raising Money for Veterinarian Bills


Donating thru our paypal for Dollar for Doxies Inc. your are giving us permission to help the dachshund in need and any leftover funds will be used for the next dog in need.

Our daily & monthly donations keep us financially able to help Dachshund owners with their vet bills. 

We are a non-profit 501 (c) 3 

Every dollar adds up. #dachshundfamilystrong

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Kash for K9's Inc Non-profit


Kash for K9s Inc

Kash for K9's is a non-profit organization that helps pay a portion of your vet bill with donations for all Dogs except Dachshunds.

Applying for carecredit is a requirement and a copy of the denial or acceptance letter is to be forwarded to Kash for K9's  Inc via email or messenger. 

You will be asked to email a written estimate of your dogs future procedure such as a dental, surgery, etc.  

We do not disperse any donations to any paypal address, gofundmes or youcaring account.  Direct Vet payments made only. 

We DO NOT PAY YOUR PAST Veterinarian bills, credit card bills, carecredit etc. . We only pay a portion of your emergency and up coming procedures directly to the Vets Office via a credit card payment donation from Kash for K9s ONLY

We understand unexpected financial based issues happen in life; each case is taken on its own merit, investigated and analyzed for aid. Unfortunately there are some cases we are unable to offer assistance to. 

You will be asked to divulge personal and financial information about your current financial situation. 

You can find us on facebook 

You can message Michelle Prats, Crystal Goad and Rocky Goad thru Facebook messenger or send them an email to

If you would like to start a monthly recurring donation, please click on this link and check off the recurring box: Kash for K9's Donation   

 Please find us on facebook:  

Some friendly Advice

Dollar for Doxies Inc. and Kash for K9's Inc are legitimate non-profits. Please verify before donating any monies online or to any facebook group pretending to help your furbabies.