Our 501 (c) 3 NonProfit Charity

Donation Give back Ratio 90%

Dollar for Doxies Inc. is a donation based charity. Dollar for Doxies. Inc is a solely based volunteer organization except for the certified accountant, bookkeeper and lawyer. 

Donations are raised by raffles, live & internet auctions, recurring pledges, financial transfers, etc. Our recurring monthly donations are at approx. $2,000. 

All money donated gets accrued in to our Emergency/Daily/Monthly fund to help dachshunds in need. 

Dollar for Doxies Inc is proud to say we have already raised over $145,000.00 in donations this year.  

Financial Assistance Application

If your need of financial assistance you can reach out to Dollar for Doxies Inc by one of the following methods below:

Call the office at (561) 752-6055 Dachshunds Only

Any other Canines please email  Kashfork9s@gmail.com

If we dont answer please leave us a detailed message about your situation.  

Email us on the form provided below

or find us on facebook and speak with an one the Administrators of the group. 

Please note we do not provide financial aid for IVDD, MRI’s, Dog Breeders, Routine Health Checks, Yearly Shots, Nail Trim, Spaying/Neutering, or to any dog breeders. 

Applying for carecredit is a requirement and a copy of the denial or acceptance letter is to be forwarded to Dollar for Doxies Inc via email or messenger.

You will be asked to email a written estimate of your dogs future procedure such as a dental, surgery, etc.  

We do not disperse any donations to any paypal address, gofundmes or youcaring account.  Direct Vet payments made only. 

We DO NOT PAY YOUR PAST Veterinarian bills, credit card bills, carecredit etc. . We only pay for emergency and up coming procedures directly to the Vets Office via a credit card payment donation from Dollar for Doxies Inc ONLY

We understand unexpected financial based issues happen in life; each case is taken on its own merit, investigated and analyzed for aid. Unfortunately there are some cases we are unable to offer assistance to. 

You will be asked to divulge personal and financial information about your current financial situation. 

When donating to Dollar for Doxies Inc., rest assured, your donations are being used where needed most to help the dachshunds.  Our Give Back Ratio is 90% of $1.00 

We do have several events throughout the year our team goes out and fundraisers for but most of our fundraising is done online and thru donations online, raffles, recurring payments, Facebook Birthday Fundraisers, Anonymous Donations. 

We have a paid Certified Accountant & Lawyer on board at all times. If you have any questions regarding any donations, please feel free to call the office 561-752-6055. 

You can always check our standings on the consumer services by calling 800-435-7352.

Please go to the Doxy Wall of Help and see the list and pictures of some of the Dachshunds we have helped this year already. 

Dollar for Doxies Inc. is very proud of raising over $145,000.00 in donations in 2018 already. 

Please sign in on smile.amazon.com and choose Dollar for Doxies Inc. as your charity to receive a small donation each time you purchase on your own amazon account. 

Email us for Financial Assistance

Please send us an email if you need Financial help. (please include a phone number, details about your situation of your dachshund, location, full name, etc.

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Donations accepted thru Paypal: dollarfordoxies@gmail.com or kashfork9s@gmail.com

We appreciate our monthly donations from our donors.

Accept All Major Credit Cards (561) 752-6055

Boynton Beach FL


All Donations Tax Deductible

We are a Non-Profit  501 (c) 3 

Dollar for Doxies INC. 


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