Saving Dogs from China Meat Market Trade & Slaughterhouse


Why China Dogs you ask yourself?

We have partnered with Saving Harbin Shelter Dogs to save Dachshunds  & Dogs. Chinese people eat dogs for daily. How can you even think about eating a dog for dinner? 

They are saving as many dogs as they can from the being butchered and being put on someones dinner plate. 

Please help our mission and be a part of it. 

This is their mission and what they are all about: 

Saving Harbin Dogs is saving as many of these dogs as we can. We pull dogs from the shelter, get them medical treatment, put them into foster homes or pay to board them, while we work to find them homes outside China where they will be safe. We pay out of our own pockets and with donations. The vet bills and boarding costs are massive. Anyone who thinks that rescue is a money-making venture has never done it. Many of the dogs we take are sick or injured. All are traumatized. They have been through hell. Their lives are a testament to hope and compassion. We pick up the broken souls, try to heal them, and give them a second chance at life. We want these dogs to find the love and life they deserve. We want them to be ambassadors to spread awareness of the dog meat trade around the world. Their lives matter, and the government of China needs to know that the international community is committed to protecting these animals. The dogs in our homes that we share our lives with, are no different than the dogs that are being slaughtered for food in China every day.  

The dogs in the Harbin shelter have been saved, but conditions in the shelter are poor. Shelters get no support from the government. On the contrary, animal shelters here have to fight for their right to exist. The shelter cannot afford proper food or medical care. Many days there is not enough food and the dogs go hungry. The dogs that are saved eat cornmeal and water until they are taken out of the shelter and adopted. 


This was the Freedom Flight from Beijing to Miami, FL on Nov 10, 2020.  Flight volunteer Jessica

 This was the Freedom Flight from Beijing to Miami, FL on Nov 10, 2019.  Flight volunteer Jessica 

 This was the Freedom Flight from Beijing to NY, NY on Nov 13, 2020.  Flight volunteer Todd

 This was the Freedom Flight from Beijing to NY, NY on Nov 13, 2019.  Flight volunteer Todd

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1st Step

Saving Harbin Dogs rescues the dogs from the meat trucks, slaughter houses & streets.  

2nd Step

Saving Harbin brings the dogs to the get medical care and fosters them to they are medically clear to fly to the USA

3rd Step

Finding USA adopters to adopt the dogs

4th Step

Finding a flight volunteer to fly from Beijing to NY, LA or  MIAMI 

5th Step

Flying with the dogs for 30 hours to the final destination with the flight volunteer 

6th Step

Dog living happily ever after in a good USA Adopted Family Home.

You can be part of our our mission please email us